What comes in the Box?

We currently offer 2 size boxes, you can choose either 5 or 10 items, there are also a number of premium items available to add to either size box.  Check out What's In the Box? to see all the items currently available to choose from!

I don't see a product that I'd like to add to my box?

If a particular product doesn't appear in the pop up list to choose for your box, we are probable out of stock, feel free to either check back, as our inventory changes frequently, or contact us here, and we'll let you know when we expect it back in stock.

Is everything really from Saratoga?

Yes!  Ultimately, our mission is to promote the local businesses that we know and love, to offer small businesses a unique opportunity to share their products through our web/shipping platform, and to create an opportunity for people like you to send these awesome products to your friends and family! 

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Orders are typically shipped within 3 business days.  This may take slightly longer during busier times of the year, especially around the holidays.  You'll receive an email with tracking info as soon as your box is on its way to the carrier.  Priority Mail delivers in 3 business days or less. In the event we are overwhelmed with orders, you will see a notification on our homepage to alert you of any delay beyond our regular shipping schedule, in some instances this may also happen if we're waiting on product from one of our partner businesses.  If ever you're concerned about an order you placed, or haven't yet received a shipping confirmation, please contact us so we can put your mind at ease.

I really wish you had that thing from that place...

If you don't see something you know and love from Saratoga, let us know!  We are always looking for new items to add to the box!  You can send us your suggestions through our Contact page.

What is your return policy?

Click here: Return Policy

Can I order custom boxes for an event?

Absolutely, click here: Custom Boxes, to see what we can do for your event or clients.

How do I get my Saratoga product in the Box?

Click here: Get in the Box!

I really love Saratoga, and think you guys are awesome...

Awww, thanks! We think your awesome too!  Did you have a question that this page hasn't answered? Send us a message here, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!